The hostel and its philosophy

A structure full of history

We have renovated a parsonage located near the oldest parish church “Pieve
della Valtenesi”, dating from the Romanesque to the eighteenth century, with
decorative frescoed walls and cocciopesto and stone tiles floors of great value.

Hospitaly above all

The Antica Pieve Hostel will be your home on Lake Garda: mutual respect is
its fundamental value.
We want our guests to be in a cosy place, so all the common areas of the
hostel -the kitchen, the living room with baby parking area and computer
stations, the panoramic terrace and the large and sunny garden- are at your
complete disposal.
We decided to offer everyone the opportunity to stay in the hostel, feeling
perfectly at ease.
For this reason, we offer different kind of stay (for example, the self
management formula) and on request we try to meet any need.

Our guests

Someone could wonder about the typical guest on a hostel.

We thought about it, about what we want to offer… Finally, we got the

Our hostel is perfect for all those travellers, so different one from each other,
looking for informality, relaxation, simplicity and sharing.

The hostel is managed by Cooperativa Sociale Tempo Libero.